CORDLESS JIG SAW 85mm CT25003HX | Company: Crown | Origin :China

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Technical specifications
Battery type Lithium-ion
Rated voltage 20 V Max. *
Compatible batteries CAB208016XE, CAB208016XE CB, CAB205014XE, CAB204015XE, CAB204015XE CB, CAB204014XE, CAB204014XE CB, CAB202013XE, CAB202013XE CB
Stroke rate at no-load 700-3000 minèäå_
Stroke length 26 mm
Cutting ability in wood 85 mm
Cutting ability in aluminum 20 mm
Cutting ability in steel 10 mm
Max. angularity of the body (left / right) 45å¡ / 45å¡
Weight 2,12 kg
* Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without workload) is 20 Volts. Nominal voltage is 18 Volts.
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