103Pcs ALUMUNIUM TOOLKIT SET 510703 | Company: Harden | Origin: China

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1Pc Flat Screwdriver 6x150mm

1Pc Philips Screwdriver ph2x150mm

1Pc Stainless Steel Scissor

1Pc Soldering Wire

1Pc 2 in 1 Test Pencil

1Pc Ratchet Screwdriver

20Pcs Bits

1Pc Mini Hack Saw 6"

1Pc Water Tape

1Pc Flat type Precision Screwdriver

1Pc Philips Precision Screwdriver

1Pc Torx Precision Screwdriver

1Pc Hex Precision Screwdriver

1Pc Soldering Iron 60W

1Pc Electric Insulation Tape

1Pc Measuring Tape3m

1Pc Wide Tweezer

1Pc Pointed Tweezer

7Pcs Hex Key Wrench Sets

1Pc Electricity Knife

1Pc Torch Light

50Pcs Spares Box

1Pc Combination Plier 8"

1Pc Long Nose Plier 6"

1Pc Water Pump Plier 10"

1Pc Claw Hammer with F/G Handle 16oz

1 Aluminium Cas

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